Saturday Morning Keynote

I became distracted after the first half of the keynote. Here’s what I remembered.

Cindy from ThoughtWorks led off. She tried really hard to throw in Star Trek references and a few cuss word, but occasional corporate consulting speak slipped in: e.g., synergy. 40% of ThoughtWorks’ new work in in Rails. They are building Rails apps for banks, telecoms, newspaper, media companies.

ThoughtWorks is rolling out RubyWorks
– Ruby prod stack (Mongrel, etc. in a package)
– 24/7 support offering
– 24/7 JRuby support
– dev tools and libraries
And Mingle: Agile project management tool. Rails + JRuby.

Tim Bray from Sun did more polling:
50% of the audience work for start ups; 40% for established companies; 10% for service providers.

Ruby was the first web framework for 1% of the audience.

30% of the audience came from Java
20% from .Net and C#
40% from PHP

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