The Coming XQuery + XForms XPlosion by Kurt Cagle

Now before I pan this talk, let me say that Kurt strikes me as one of those guys whose hard work with open source and standards bodies makes things go. OK?

Things started out just fine, with some rambling and ranting about how the open source software developer crowd is faddish. “XML is staid? I’m a graybeard because I work in XML? What?” Funny. True!

News flash: everything is more complicated now, mainly because we aren’t just running on a disconnected box under the desk.

Halfway through the talk, though, the presenter is still ranting! Wait, the point? Maybe we need to simplify the models we use to combat complexity.

  • Web enforces simplicity
  • Traditional mid-tier apps break down on the web because they assume synchronous interactions
  • Simplest arch pattern is an old one — MVC

Ten minutes later, a question from the audience: are we going to talk about XQuery? Oh, yeah, OK.

There are many emerging XML standards:

  • XHTML + XForms
  • XSLT
  • XQuery
  • Schematron
  • XBL

XForms started as replacement for HTML forms, but became more. They create an XML model that uses XPath to “bind” control to various parts of model. XForm is sort of like a VB form. Did you just cringe? I did.

XForm implementations to watch

  • Mozilla (presenter’s favorite)
  • Orbeon
  • Chiba
  • Formsplayer
  • PicoForm
  • OpenOffice

Maybe XForms will be the Next Big Thing, but I’m not holding my breath.

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