Hack Your Manager by Peter Scott

I kept waiting for the point of this talk. It reminds me of other “business” presentations that were well-executed, and held my attention, but that never actually communicated concrete information.So, here’s the point of this talk, I think: how we deal with people are more important in our business than technical issues, and empathy is the key.Not many audience polls, but 80% of the audience gets a Dune reference.Questions:How many projects are there without people: 0%How many of you could guarantee failure of project without anyone noticing: 20%. How do you know this hasn’t happened at your company? Well, you can’t know.Managers, budgets, etc. — yeah they are lame, but you need them. You can just complain about it … or deal with it.How do you relate to managers on their level? (You don’t need to sell out.) You’ve got emotions at work, too. Most common mistake is to assume managers are interested in technology for its own sake. Don’t just hunker down. (I know this paragraph doesn’t hang together. Sorry! I really was trying to make coherent sense of all this.)This is all just about natural language processing (NLP), but the speaker asks us to not prejudge it. So:

  • You need to translate between geek speak and manager speak
  • No one really knows what anyone else is talking about
  • You have to keep asking questions

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