Tabular gem release

There’s quite a bit of messy, “hey guys, I’m learning Ruby!” text-parsing code in Racing on Rails. Users must wrestle with a fussy and inflexible interface, and developers can’t improve the code without making more of a mess.

To my surprise, clean-up required more than just plugging in FasterCSV. While nice for parsing CSV, it doesn’t handle tabbed-delimited files well, nor does it like any data changes after parsing (my plan had been to just shove Spreadsheet-parsed data into FasterCSV, because I like FasterCVS’s API).

So, I need something more: support for tabs and Excel, data manipulation, and formatted output from a common interface. More concretely: read race results and event schedules from Excel and text files, and then massage data before saving it all with ActiveRecord. I also need to turn a list of race results into pre-formatted text.

You’d think someone would have been done this before, but my Google skills failed to find them. And, there were some decent, well-tested ideas mixed in with my lousy Ruby code.I took a whack at extracting the code into its own gem. Voila, Tabular:

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