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11 Delaware Street
Cooperstown, New York

Oldest Continuously Family-Owned Printing Business in Otsego County, 1908-1976

One press and a case of type in an 8 x 10 room – that was The Butler Press in 1908. From that small building on lower Nelson Avenue where the former Knox School gymnasium now stands, The Butler Press moved to various locations in the village and settled in its current Delaware Street location in 1927.

Founded by Dorr E. Butler one year after his marriage to Elma Betts, The Butler Press has always been a family business. (It is the oldest continuously family-owned printing business in Otsego County.) For the next 47 years, Dorr and Elma worked together until Elma’s death in 1955. During that time, three of their five sons also worked with their parents while Eugene and Wayne pursued other interests. Harold and Clyde eventually left for other jobs, with Clyde returning to the business in 1955. Frank remained with the business until his death in 1973.

In 1956, the business was incorporated with Frank as President and Treasurer, Dorr as Vice-President, and Clyde as Secretary.

Upon Dorr’s death in 1965, Frank continued as President and Treasurer, while Clyde was named Vice-President and Secretary.

Frank died in 1973 leaving Clyde as the sole owner. Later in the same year, The Butler Press, Inc. was sold to Clyde’s son, Richard.

Today, The Butler Press continues to serve Otsego County with quality printing. It offers both letterpress and offset printing as well as layout and design services.

Drawing upon its long history and its experience, it indeed “the old firm with the new ideas.”

Copied from “A Bicentennial Tribute in the Spirit of ‘76 1776-1976″; sponsored by Cooperstown Fire Department; printed by The Butler Press