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Ignite Portland

Friday, October 26th, 2007

OK, full disclosure: I’m just bumping the previous post (irritable OSCON talk summary) down. Tired of it.

I checked out Ignite Portland last night because Mike Jones was giving a talk about unicycles. I now want to work in the Wieden+Kennedy office, if not Wieden+Kennedy.

The whole night was slick and well-run, and drew a big crowd. So funny what kind of geeky thing will be a hit in Portland.

I liked the idea of Rewilding. Does that include removing all the dams on the Columbia and reintroducing megafauna to the Great Plains? It should.

Not sure if I’m going to pick up knitting, Audrey, but Cheryl will like the knitting sites. Halfway through the Chickens talk, I was convinced that I am depriving my daughter of a full life because we aren’t raising poultry in the backyard. I will try and make amends by cooking here an authentic Southern dinner of collard greens and tofu with gravy.