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Bull Run Road Race
Course preview

The photos are of the actual course or views from the course. All of the photos were taken Labor Day weekend. Thankfully, the weather was just as beautiful on race day.

Click on the pictures below to view a larger images. No photos may be reproduced without my written consent.

    Bridge near Dodge Park
Bridge near Dodge Park
  Gentle curve
Marmot Road
  Tree farm
Devil's Backbone
Devil's Backbone/Marmot Road with Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness in background. And, uh, some cows.
    Hidden cow   Friend or foe   Curves ahead
More Marmot Road
  Hood preview
The (only) flat stretch on the course.
    Marmot wall
Marmot wall
Steeper than it looks..
  Farm near Marmot wall
Little Switzerland facing east with Mt. Hood above North Mountain and Zigzag Mountains.
  Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass
Mt. Hood from the turn-around at Lolo Pass. You can also see Last Chance and Slide Mountains.
  Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass
Mt. Hood (Zigzag, Sandy, and Palmer glaciers)

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