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Piece of Cake Road Race
Halsey, Oregon
March 31, 2002

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Results are available on OBRA's site.

Click on the pictures below to view a larger images. If you'd like a copy of a picture, please email me. No photos may be reproduced without my written consent.

    Pro 1/2 field
Pro 1/2 field
  Broadmark   Sim's   Hopper, Team O, Robinson
Eric Hopper & friends
    Cat 3s, EWEB & co.   Corey Stayton
Corey Stayton
  Pro 1/2 field
Pro 1/2 field
  Sam, Tony, Chad
Some of my favorite racers hiding their faces for a reason I cannot disclose.
    Cat 3
Category 3 field
  Jon Knowlson
Jon Knowlson
  Broadmark   Crichlow, Tonkin & Broadmark
Troy Crichlow, Eric Tonkin & Broadmark guy

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