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    The Best Kept Secret at Gap Inc.
Campaign to market newly revamped section of Gap Inc.'s intranet -- The How do I...? Guide. Won 1998 Gold Quill award from the International Association of Business Communicators. The PDF file appears to be a bit flaky, but hopefully it gives you an idea of the breadth of unified material I produced for the campaign -- Director movie, static and animated images, and print posters.

The UI document doesn't have any graphics, but I like it because it shows the thought we put into user interface testing.

  IABC submission as PDF file
HDI Guide user testing as PDF file
Best Kept Secret Animations
HDI page samples
These are websites designs I worked on, although I'm not sure any are still live. The Shockwave in the Marshall Coleman site appears to be out-of-date, which is too bad because most of the site uses Shockwave. There are games, audio controls to play Marshall's song, and the like. You still should be able to get an idea of the design by clicking through to Songs and Discography.

Marshall Coleman
Energy Assest Management
    Design guidelines for Gap Inc. extranet.
The Gap Inc. extranet, along with gapinc.com, were designed by our design team after development projects occupied me full-time, so I cannot take any credit (or blame) for the design. However, this PDF shows a bit of how I documented UI standards for outside developers.

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