Writing code is my professional calling. Lately, that’s Ruby and Java code.

Of course, code is only the tool that gets the job done, and the job is building working software for people. I talk to my customers; I pay attention to what they say. I take pride in my work.

I’m not a “rock star,” but maybe “craftsman,” and I build teams of craftsmen (and craftswomen? Ugh. Sorry — this is the exact term I want to use except for the gender-specific bit). I work hard on collaboration. I write clean code for people to read, and I cover my code with tests (first). I try to learn as much as I can from my teammates. I care about my tools. In my free time, I read about software development and I share what I learn. I try to show leadership by volunteering for the dirty work.

And I believe agile development is the way to go, though jamming it down people’s throats doesn’t work so well. More than anything, agile is a pragmatic solution to concrete problems.

All my opinions come from doing the work. Talk to me about it:, (503) 913-6013.